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Finding the snow.. in beautiful Vallombrosa

As you can guess, this post probably involves snow. Obviously after writing about my frustrations about the upcoming “blizzard” here, it came as no surprise that on Friday all we saw were some sad flakes quickly dissolving before they hit the ground. All of the buildup and “NEVE” newspaper titles were as dramatic as they were wrong. Florence dear Florence felt like the only place in Italy above Rome without snow ( we all “enjoyed” photos of the Colosseum blanketed like a winter wonderland…

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American in Italy, expat, italy, nature, travel, Uncategorized

Frozen in Florence

I feel a need to comment on the freezing cold temperature icing every man , woman and child in Florence at the moment. I know someone in Alaska/Midwest/Canada/Russia is probably shaking their head right now thinking you think this is cold? But you know what it is freezing…! I can’t feel my hands when I forget to bring my gloves on the bus and well everyone else in Italy seems to be getting snow but us here in Firenze. It…

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