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Your Tuscan Gift Guide Suggested By Locals

Looking for unique gifts that represent Tuscany and all that we love about this region? I am too! Which is why I concocted a somewhat selfish plan of harassing my friends into letting me know their top gift ideas so that my own procrastination doesn’t mean our families won’t get cool presents. Since I was looking for quality not quantity, this year’s lineup of favorites is astonishingly better than ever, quite frankly, these girls have great taste! Don’t forget to have…

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One week in Florence, photo diary in December

I know things have been a bit quiet of here but I call it the fault of colder weather. While yes, technically I should be holed up at home tapping away my computer while sipping mug after mug of hot tea. Ps. Hot tea & coffee is my Florentine version of a ‘heater’. Houses are pretty cold here, and due to gas & electricity being so expensive, no one leaves their heat on unless it’s included in their condo fees.…

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Seafood dreaming – Bistrò del Mare in Florence

Sometimes when I have wolfed down too many plates of ribollita or baccalà alla livornese, I crave something a little lighter. There is so much variety when it comes to delicious food in any season in and around this city, finding a seafood restaurant isn’t always that easy. I can tell you where to eat a crispy thin Tuscan pizza or a heartier neapolitan with nduja but fresh fish? Hmmm, that requires a bit more thought. Which is why when I…

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How to dress in Florence, Italy

I love this photo. I like it so much that I bought it for myself, my dad and pretty much anyone who likes anything in black & white. The enigmatic appeal of the American girl in Italy. One has to look at a photo like this and say, wow – those Italians were so elegant. Well, pretty much they still are except for the occasional shiny silver sneaker and black puffy trash bag jacket. While I personally wouldn’t describe Italians…

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Tamerò pasta bar in Florence, Italy

This past weekend was yet another great example of why I live in Italy. I feel like if you play your cards right, you can always end up doing something fun {or nothing at all} if you choose too, this city has every possibility of both. Friday I got to revel in a French wine & cheese night with some friends. One of the cheeses was so stinky it was made to be put it in a ‘punishment’ corner in…

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An ode to the trash-bag puffy jacket

You know who you are. You could be anyone in Italy but one thing is clear, why are you wearing a jacket that looks like you strapped a trash-bag/bin bag to your chest? Look, I am no fashion expert and obviously this is just my opinion and in jest but enough is enough! ;-). I have lived in Italy long to unfortunately notice that this is a trend that is refusing to die. I get it, it’s cold and puffy…

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