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September 2018 Events in Florence, Italy: Personal Suggestions For a Great Month

Sweet, sweet September, it combines both the “rientro” return of people back to Florence as summer vacation is officially over and the time when kids start school again. It also coincides with grape harvest season and that also means la schiacciata con l’uva (thanks Emiko!), a delicious bread overly-stuffed with juicy grapes that make any rientro that much easier with every bite. The city feels consistently fun but there is also a really nice vibe, a great lead up to my favorite season of…

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September Events in Florence, Italy

September is a fabulous month to be in Florence for so many reasons. The weather is nicer (even if I could hardly call this year’s summer a true one) and everyone is back, refreshed and more tan than you could ever wish them to be and ready for action. While you still might experience a #dontwantowork delay at the post office, there is no shortage of really cool events that make me excited to write about them. From live music…

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