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Torre del Chianti: A Gourmet Affair On An Old Water Tower

You’d think that with the arrival of summer in Italy, everyone would collapse into a lazy, somewhat more relaxed schedule of sorts. Instead I feel like every other day I’m hearing about a cool new event, a new restaurant opening or exhibition in some area of town. It seems to never end. And frankly, I think it’s awesome. We choose to do more of our longer trips (one week or more) not in July and August because of the price…

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Locals I Love – Corinna ‘Coco’ Matthes

Locals I Love is back, this time I interviewed someone I personally know very well who has recently taken the plunge to move her whole life to Florence, Italy from Berlin, German. Have you ever met one of those souls who are just amazing and almost divinely meant to be in your life? Coco is one of those people for me, she has been there for me for all of my own Florentine ups & downs and even showed me…

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Osteria de L’Ortolano – foodie spot near the Accademia Gallery

  While I adore offering friends, family and you guys restaurant recommendations in Florence, Italy – the one area that I have always been a little ‘eh’ about was around Piazza San Marco and the Galleria della Accademia. I received an invite recently to check out a small deli and restaurant on via degli alfani in this area which unbeknownst to me has been operating for over 50 years. The lovely tiny Osteria de L’Ortolano is owned by a friendly couple Marta &…

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Fruit is what’s for dinner – Tato restaurant, Florence

Me writing about food – that would be weird, right? Just a little sarcasm to start off this Saturday morning’s post about a recent Yelp event I attended at Tato restaurant in Piazza Santa Croce. If for some reason you haven’t lived on planet Earth {in the ‘internet trend’ sense} you may not know about Yelp. A company based in America but now all over the world, and even in Florence, Italy. Yelp is a community website sharing reviews and…

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Why I love the ‘other side of the river’ in Florence

When I was a student in 2005, the ‘other side of the river’  or ‘oltrarno’ to the locals was considered a scary place for us young Americani. All I knew about Piazza Santo Spirito was that drug addicts liked to hang out on the steps and that beyond the Ponte Vecchio bridge lay a very different world than that surrounding the Duomo and Piazza Santa Croce. That memory almost always makes me laugh especially now that I spend the majority…

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Japanese/Thai Fusion and Tuscan innovation

Yet another wonderful weekend of friends, food and good fun. As per usual — I am always on the lookout for a new awesome restaurant and actually had the chance to try two new places that I have heard of but never been. As small as Florence, Italy is –  you could live here a lifetime and not discover everything, also because going somewhere new presents the risk of paying for food you may not really like.  Luckily, I liked both restaurants…

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