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Locals I Love: Giulia Scarpaleggia

When I first came to Florence, I remember scouring the internet for blogs and recipes in my new haphazard kitchen. Pinterest was my queen. No longer could I get my usual array of foods in Los Angeles, and with no microwave even, I actually had to learn how to cook. Thanks to blogs like Jul’s Kitchen, I was less intimidated to step out of my culinary cooking zone while also learning a bit more Italian, as her blog is a…

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Beet Ginger Coconut & Carrot Soup

It’s no secret to anyone who reads this blog or knows me in person, that I am more than a little obsessed with ginger. My affinity for Moscow Mules is due to the satisfying bite that ginger beer provides. Also I should mention my 7-month old beagle is named after this dynamic spice. Short of having this root tattooed on my ankle, I put it in almost every single dish, minus pasta, that I make. After a whirlwind August and…

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Zuppa di Cavolo Nero – Black Kale soup

A Florentine winter – while this year the cold has creeped in a lot slower than normal, personally I officially class the first day of ‘inverno’ as the day I finally turn on the riscaldamento (heater) in my house. If you don’t already know, gas & electricity are very pricey in Italy and this is not the country that you would want to leave your heat on 24/7 unless you want to be the gas company’s personal piggy bank. So…

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Autumn flavors – Easy Minestrone recipe

Minestrone soup Minestrone in Italian literally means ‘big soup’ and is considered a true staple in the Mediterranean diet. The cuisine that is best well-known in this country are normally the ones with humble beginnings which is fabulous because I am pretty poor myself {take a look at average salaries in Italy} yet I like to eat healthy (in theory). This dish is one of my personal favorites and as soon as it gets a little cooler, it finds its…

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Bacon-wrapped stuffed figs – perfect holiday appetizer

bacon wrapped figs

I was on the hunt recently for an easy but punch-me-in-the-mouth tasty appetizer for a small dinner we were having for some friends at our apartment in Florence, Italy. I know bacon recipes seem to be on the upswing after a recent myth surrounding bacon production in the United Kingdom and United States with a national outcry {yes really} called “Aporkalypse”. I was not aware that bacon was ‘food’ to so many people ;-). Kidding! Slate magazine spells out the humorous scenario here and…

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Pumpkin and pancetta soup

pumpkin soup ingredients

This soup has become one of our autumn staples and honestly we really can’t get enough! I literally need to eat this at least once a week. I based my recipe on this one that I found on pinterest and I just added a few additions like leeks and potatoes. You can use both pumpkin or squash – in Italy they don’t distinguish between the two. Pumpkin & Pancetta soup Ingredients: 3 tablespoons butter/burro 2 tablespoons olive oil/olio di olive…

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