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Fratelli Peruzzi: The Silver Makers Of Florence

When most people think of the Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in Florence, mentally they transform into one of those most iconic of Italian locations. An ancient medieval bridge spanning two sides of a city, its arches gleaming in both the morning’s earliest lights and glowing in the nightly sunsets. The stores are historically known to sell gold, as it was famously said that the Medici Family’s creation of the Vasari Corridor spelled the end for the former residents of…

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A Florentine aquatic show: Ponte Vecchio lights up!

Imagine wandering down to the banks of the arno river on a Monday night to find a chaos of people, all clamoring to see one thing – the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge that is one of the most important landmarks in the city. This medieval cobblestones masterpiece once housed butchers, now expensive jewelery for tourists. During World War II, this bridge was the only bridge not bombed by Germans, rumored to be a special order from Hitler itself. It’s not…

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One week in Florence, photo diary in December

I know things have been a bit quiet of here but I call it the fault of colder weather. While yes, technically I should be holed up at home tapping away my computer while sipping mug after mug of hot tea. Ps. Hot tea & coffee is my Florentine version of a ‘heater’. Houses are pretty cold here, and due to gas & electricity being so expensive, no one leaves their heat on unless it’s included in their condo fees.…

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Meet Mario, a Florentine Institution

“Please take a look at my business card, I find it the best way to meet ladies.” chuckles Mario as he cheekily slid a card across the table with the words ‘are you free’ and ‘I am single’ written among the typed details of his work. I had to give him a bit of credit, at 84 years old, this man still had jokes to tell and a valid drivers license. Meeting Mario was probably one of the best moments of…

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Locals I Love – Michela Simoncini

Introducing this week’s ‘local I love’, Michela Simoncini, who is Italian, works as a Social Media Manager (sounds familiar) and loves all sorts of drinks from wine to “Sbagliato”, from cappuccino to your classic Americano (the coffee), from Moscow Mule to Amaro del Capo, and on and on! I think you get the point here, Michela is a fun girl! I met her through several blogging adventures and at several Yelp events around town. Let’s get to know this Italiana…

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September events in Florence, Italy

I absolutely love September in Florence. The weather gets a little cooler, the Florentines have returned to town and to work and there is a lively buzz around town. There are lots of events around town, cool art, Vogue’s Fashion night out, truffle sagra, harvest festivals and this girl wishes she could clone herself to take advantage of all the fun things there are to do. This is a fabulous month to be in Tuscany and consider yourself lucky! I…

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