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USA Election Fever – My thoughts

2012…. year of another presidential election in America. We headed to an festa last night at SMS Rifredi in Florence. Live coverage of the election  was broadcast along with Mama’s Bakery & American Salad Co. items for sale with fun names like “barachide peanut butter” and “sloppy joe bidens” – delicious. You better believe I ate that cupcake. As you might have already guessed I have been caught up in the USA election fever. On Tuesday President Obama was reelected to another…

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American in Italy, expat, italy, politics

June 14th, register to vote at the US Consulate in Florence

Elections are coming up this year so just because you are an expat and living in another country doesn’t mean you can’t vote if you’re a US citizen. It kinda dilutes your ability to rightfully argue about the state of “affairs” in the country if you don’t actually cast a vote since well,  it’s kinda like putting your money where your mouth is. I personally have a real passion for politics and though I tend to veer to the left…

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Permesso di Soggiorno in Italy, my experience

After a somewhat successful trip to the questura yesterday for the 65784893 time since I arrived in Italy, I don’t know how its humanly possible that I haven’t yet written about every expats place of terror…the immigration office and the process of legally staying and working in Italy. Despite all of the books and movie’s showcasing Italy to be a place where dreams are  made and visas and wine flow freely from the fountain, it actually really sucks being an…

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