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How to survive your next permesso di soggiorno renewal in Florence

[Disclaimer- These pigeons did not need a permesso di soggiorno to enjoy this view of Florence] This is you – a dreamer who wanted to leave corporate America, UK, Australia [insert said country here] for a simple life in Italy. A life of picking fresh veggies at the market, leisurely chatting over a cappuccino to the friendly barista that calls you ‘ciccio’, traveling on the weekends and just generally enjoying life. Sounds great right? Lesson #1, Life in Italy isn’t…

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Permesso di Soggiorno in Italy, my experience

After a somewhat successful trip to the questura yesterday for the 65784893 time since I arrived in Italy, I don’t know how its humanly possible that I haven’t yet written about every expats place of terror…the immigration office and the process of legally staying and working in Italy. Despite all of the books and movie’s showcasing Italy to be a place where dreams are  made and visas and wine flow freely from the fountain, it actually really sucks being an…

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