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Curious Florence: Palazzo Vecchio and the Private Lives of Cosimo I and Eleonora

When it comes to tours and art and things you can learn here in Florence, what is personally most fascinating to me are the lives of those who came before. More so, the backstory of an artist, an apprentice, a lover, a powerful family dynasty, that to me is far more interesting than solely gazing at the beauty of all that Florence has to offer. I gobble up historical fiction as quickly as an al pastor taco disappears upon any visit…

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Locals I love – Trine West

One really important reason that I continue living in my beloved city of Florence, Italy are the people I meet on a daily basis. Creating a life here worth staying very much includes the people that you make real connections with. Every week I want to {try} and blog about people I know who have made their life here and give a little background on what makes them tick. A ‘local’ to me is anyone who considers Firenze their home. My first…

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February 2013 events in Florence, Italy

panoramic view florence michelangelo

February is just upon us and according to Phil, the groundhog in Pennsalyvania we will be enjoying an early spring this year, hurrah!  As usual this year started off in a rainy, rather random temperature kind of way. It was warm and rainy, it was freezing, it was going to snow, it was cold again, then warm again. Who really knows anymore. WIthout further ado, here are my February 2013 top list of events in Florence, Italy. TEMPORARY ART EXHIBIT:…

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Discovering the Vasari Corridor, secret passageway of the Medicis

vasari corridor florence italy

Last Friday I got the really awesome opportunity to see something I have been wanting to see for years in Florence. A private tour of the famous ‘Vasari Corridor’ – or 1 kilometer long secret passageway linking the Palazzo Vecchio – Uffizi Museum with the Pitti Palace and specifically commissioned for the famous Medici Family. What family, however rich, could possibly have the power to alter a city just for them? Well the Medici Family can and did, chew on that…

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What is Florens2012?

No really, is it just me or is this event really confusing to understand? As my friend Alex explained to me yesterday – Florens2012 is a biannual cultural event  including a series of events, lectures, round tables, conferences devoted to culture, the environment and the economy. “From the Grand Tour to the Global Tour” is this year’s theme and events will run from November 3-11. I have done a little research into these events and I have found that the events are…

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Discovering Winetown 2012 – music, wine and beautiful scenery

Winetown 2012 in Florence – two days of trying some of the best wines in Italy while listening to classical music or jazz, theater, strange “shows” and trying some delicious Tuscan products to boot. I had a chance to go on Friday and check out the festivities before meeting for a friend’s birthday. The participating palazzi were dispersed in different areas around town where festival-goers can purchase a card that comes with a glass to tout around each location and have…

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