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September 2018 Events in Florence, Italy: Personal Suggestions For a Great Month

Sweet, sweet September, it combines both the “rientro” return of people back to Florence as summer vacation is officially over and the time when kids start school again. It also coincides with grape harvest season and that also means la schiacciata con l’uva (thanks Emiko!), a delicious bread overly-stuffed with juicy grapes that make any rientro that much easier with every bite. The city feels consistently fun but there is also a really nice vibe, a great lead up to my favorite season of…

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What’s On! March Events In Florence, Italy

Well hello there March, you funny thing you! One part winter, one part spring — the only certainly is plenty of rain so get prepared folks. February has been a wonderful month. I was able to catch up on work and spend some time working on blog posts, like this one in one of my favorite neighborhoods, santo spirito, secret museums in Florence, or one on our adventures wine tasting at a nearby Tuscan castle. This past weekend, I was discovering…

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