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Halloween 2012 in Florence, what to do and where to go

Love it or hate it, Halloween is just around the corner and the way I can tell is by looking in the display window at any one euro shop. The holiday is of course yet another American invention but one that Italians usually enjoy, especially my boyfriend. He is sucker for any sort of haunted house. Living in a Florentine bubble can have it’s advantages in that there is a fair amount of activities going on during the 31st –…

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Surf Ventura, one of a kind cocktails in Florence

I am always on the lookout for a cool new bar in Florence or even an older one that I forget is a real find. Surf Ventura just happens to be one of those situations where I stupidly forgot this gem of a place existed. Maybe it’s the hidden location on a side street near Piazza Ferrucci but nevertheless this place is worth a hop, skip and a mega-jump (or gulp) if you are looking for something more than just…

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“Fashionista” for a night at Vogue’s fashion night out in Florence

The much anticipated Vogue’s Fashion Night Out in Florence finally happened this past Tuesday to a huge fanfare congregating in Florence’s very busy historical center. We had to note that the effort put into this event was quite impressive. Statues of legs in the most ‘fashionable’ intersection was just one of the many cool displays we spotted around town. Everywhere we went there was some sort of cool event going on from aperitivos, dinners, cocktail parties, photo shoots – it…

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Summer 2012 events in Tuscany

I apologize first-off for not writing a July list of events but I have been super busy with my job(s) and during the summer there is normally a lot less going on since many go on vacation and waiting on the comune to post something online can take ages. However, there are some really cool events around Tuscany that if you are in town, you should definitely partake in. My picks are below. July 18, 19 & 20th, 7pm until…

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Where To Get A Drink In Florence

My list of nightlife venues in Florence could not be fully realized without options for chill wine bars and live music venues especially since, like me – many people are past the clubbing phase and just want a fun place to go out and have a few drinks to unwind after work. Luckily there really is a variety of local places for people of any age – from chill beer halls to trendy rooftop bars (as long as the city…

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Art bar, best fruit cocktail in Florence

Every-once in awhile I really crave a good cocktail even though wine-prosecco is normally my first choice. I used to frequent Art Bar when I was a student and when I first came back to Italy and since it’s a small place on a side street, I just forgot about it. Thankfully a friend was visiting us this week and we were looking to take her somewhere special and Art Bar just popped in my mind. Fancy it is not,…

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