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My secret Sunday escape in Tuscany

monte giovi

This Sunday we were treated to a nice change of pace from almost constant rain every weekend this January. I made tman promise me that we would peer pressure his parents to take us to Acone – a small town near Rufina that I have mentioned previously. We like to tell people we go just because its perfect for hiking but lets keep it real – we mainly go because of this awesome little restaurant {the only one in town}…

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Events this October in Florence & Tuscany

October has snuck up on us yet again and it’s shaping up to be another fun-filled month of events that I am very much looking forward to. I complain sometimes about how fast time seems to be flying – but let’s get real for a moment. It’s flying by because there are so much to do, see & taste. Without further ado, here are my top picks for the month of October, as usual I will add to this list…

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Why you should visit the Basque country (part one)

Part of of our France adventures involved a 4 day foray into the Basque country (Euskal Herria). To be honest I have only heard of this region recently but yet there was something about it that made me really want to see this part of Europe. The Basque itself is comprised of the area around the western Pyrenees and encompesses both France and Spain along the Atlantic coastline. According to wikipedia: The modern claim for the extent of the Basque Country,…

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Food Coma meet La Tana di Charly , best food in Emilia-Romagna

I love food so much, some times I fall asleep reliving every savory moment from a good meal, and for those who take a trip to Emilia-Romagna, in the province of Modena,  they must head over to La Tana di Charly restaurant. I am not really a reviews kind of person but I had to share this find of mine with everyone who loves and appreciates great Italian food as much as me. I have to also say the countryside…

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Finding the snow.. in beautiful Vallombrosa

As you can guess, this post probably involves snow. Obviously after writing about my frustrations about the upcoming “blizzard” here, it came as no surprise that on Friday all we saw were some sad flakes quickly dissolving before they hit the ground. All of the buildup and “NEVE” newspaper titles were as dramatic as they were wrong. Florence dear Florence felt like the only place in Italy above Rome without snow ( we all “enjoyed” photos of the Colosseum blanketed like a winter wonderland…

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Hiking is ( my ) version of free therapy

Everyone has their version of therapy whether it be yoga, reading, playing puppet-master..whatever floats your boat and eases up the stresses of daily life. Mine just happens to be hiking, or rather getting out of the center of  my adoptive city of Florence and really discover new places in Italy. Luckily I have a great group of friends who feel the same way and about once a week or so, in addition to our wine and girls nights – we…

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