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Enjoying May in Florence, A Few Of My Personal Suggestions

giardino delle rose firenze

May you beautiful beast you. I’m so ready for a little bit of warmth, to put away my thick tights and boots in exchange for sandals and light jackets, though my scarves are regularly on hand because this month is always full of surprises, weather or otherwise. This April has been one of trips (Levanto, Capri, and Naples, Orvieto) and luscious long weekends. It’s one of those months that makes you truly grateful to be a country with so many…

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May Events In Florence, Italy

Well hello there May, you certainly snuck your way in didn’t you? It’s been a pretty cool Spring so far, sure we’ve had random rain showers and cold days but we’ve also enjoyed plenty of glorious sunshine and events all around town. As always, I feel so lucky to be based in such a dynamic and interesting city and I plan on taking advantage of it as long as I can. This is the month to explore the city’s famous…

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