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Why you should visit Boston

Sweet Boston, you were good to me in every possible way. Well to be frank, I owe everything to my friend Erin and the beautiful setting of New England itself. I already touched on my local food favorites in this town but now the city itself is the center of my attention. The best way I can describe this city is through photography. Luckily both me and my friend are both amateur paparazzi and truth be told I probably took too many photos…

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Why I love public transportation

I know what you might be thinking. Is this girl crazy that she actually likes taking the bus/train/public transportation in a country not well-known for it’s efficiency? You might be right and if you follow me on twitter, you probably have spotted a rant or two about my feelings on the bus that morning/day/night. Still, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the service. Living in Florence since 2007 means that I have never had a car. Yes t-man has a…

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Of music and memory

I am sure I am not the first person on the planet to be transported into a fleeting memory when a certain song comes on. You know what I am talking about, the song that you end up pressing repeat 10 times in a row until you wonder if your neighbor thinks you may have some sort of issue with your computer. Just for fun this Friday — I want to share five songs that transport me into another world & a…

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My Anti-New Year’s Resolution for 2013

I saw this funny e-card online and had to share because like the term ‘bucket list’,  resolutions always annoy me because I feel as if they are a set up for a sure failure for the average person or maybe just me ;). I strongly believe that at any time, at any moment, you can change your life to make it better according to you without it having to start January 1, 2013. If that means making more money, losing…

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Bveg – beer & vegetarian restaurant in Florence

bveg florence italy

Photo from Ina Dayle – Though I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to eat at a vegetarian restaurant in Florence, Italy – I heard about Bveg and stopped by this week for lunch with a friend. Known as a cute place to eat – they are also open for aperitivo & dinner and they serve vegetarian {and some vegan} dishes along with artisan-made beer. Located in a could-be-unsavoury area behind the Santa Maria Novella train station – I…

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2012 is the year of natural disasters

Image below by my awesome friend Erin. Hey you! Yes I am talking to you mother nature. You can just go ahead, take a xanax and calm down already. If I was the suspicious type, I might actually think the Mayans were onto something. In any case I am seriously considering having a party on Dec. 21, 2012 to celebrate the non-ending of the world. If you want to read a fun-or-scary article about possible ways the world might be instinct…

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