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Loggia dei Lanzi

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A Walk Through Florence’s Outdoor Sculpture Gallery: Loggia dei Lanzi

Main cover photo sourced from Wikimedia Commons When I first came (back) to Florence in 2007 I was in love with the city but had one serious problem, I didn’t have any money. At the time, I was doing three to four odd jobs, mostly teaching English, and constantly running around the city getting a PhD  in Italy’s ATAF bus service. Meals were strictly reduced to eating at home, crappy aperitivo buffets and the occasional lunch with one, max two…

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Discovering my inner tourist

I apologize for the lack of posts this week which is 100% due to lots of work and having relatives in town visiting us. I always like to think that I can do everything and anything including work,socialize, create amazing meals, blog, sleep but the reality is I am human and burn out like everyone else – damn! I have been better about taking breaks and even bought a painting set to get back into a hobby that I once…

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