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50 Shades of “Foreign” in Florence, Italy

“Ma tu non sei Italiana, di dove sei?” Italianess “You are not Italian, where are you from?” An innocent question, made typically out of pure curiosity by the person I’m speaking to. Usually, it’s followed by.. “Ma, parli Italiano benissimo, brava” But you speak Italian well, good job” I always wince a little when I hear that for two different reasons. One, I have lived in Italy full stop since 2007, and after 10 years my Italian SHOULD be good…

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Why Moving To Florence Might Not Be The Best Idea For You

First of all, mi dispiace (I’m sorry) for the depressing headline, as you know this is a blog, a blog with my personal opinions mingled with life experience after 10 years in Italy. Which is a heck of a lot less than a lot of other people I know here. One thing I really should say before continuing this post is that I am super pro anyone moving to another country, even if for a short time. Anything that gets…

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Locals I Love: Elena Ciprietti

There’s some people you meet in life who you instantly click with. Perhaps it’s a shared passion, or the warm comfort of being with someone who belly laughs as deeply as you do.   Elena is that kind of person for me.   It helps that we share a very similar career in social media management, which is wonderful when you need to “shop talk” with someone who gets it. We sneakily messaging one another throughout the week when sharing…

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Locals I Love: Valentina Veneziano

These past few years, I have been lucky enough to meet some really awesome Italians. While in the past, I would often complain about not having enough local friends and hung more with a foreign crowd, I started to make more effort, and sought friendships more in line with personal interests. I should have done this long before. This means having a bit more writer friends, those who blog, or do something creative. Of course this means that we have something…

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Locals I Love: Michela Ricciarelli

As January bogs on with beautiful sunny days and rare spots of fog on the horizon, I continue to write, write and write some more. For myself, for the blog, for freelance projects, for ITALY Magazine. It’s a month of the sedentary nature but I am grateful for the amount of focus that has resulted from staying at home a bit more. Plus Nico is pretty happy too. Also it gives me a chance to contact a few more locals…

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The One Thing Everyone Should Know When They Move Abroad

You are not alone.  Without trying to see like some sort of lifestyle guru or inspirational poster, I think the simplest thought or feeling is often the most compelling. I tend to get a lot of emails from you guys wanting to change your lives and move to Italy, and it is worth thinking about why you want to in the first place. Moving to a new country, one that you don’t speak the local language or know that many people…

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