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From Florence With Love, A Personal Story

I’ll never forget my first week in Florence I was only twenty-one, fresh from Los Angeles on a bustling flight with what would be my fellow students for the full academic year. Upon touch down was our first experience with September humidity and public transportation. We were put into lodging for a week in a small hotel near Piazza della Liberta, deemed a sufficient time to not only find an apartment but people you actually want to live with. I…

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Why Moving To Florence Might Not Be The Best Idea For You

First of all, mi dispiace (I’m sorry) for the depressing headline, as you know this is a blog, a blog with my personal opinions mingled with life experience after 10 years in Italy. Which is a heck of a lot less than a lot of other people I know here. One thing I really should say before continuing this post is that I am super pro anyone moving to another country, even if for a short time. Anything that gets…

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Locals I Love: Sasha Wang

Three years, over 50 interviews later, I am still as excited than ever to showcase even more stories and thoughts from those who chose to move abroad, or just stay in Italy. I learn so much from each and every single person I meet, it’s regenerating to read their outlook and get a window into another person’s life. This January, I am more motivated than ever on the blog. This one (wo)man show is a huge effort in my life…

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26 Ways to Tell If You Are Becoming a Florentine

If you’re a blogger or writer who has been trolled, please raise your hand. I get, it happens, you work online and have your life in the public sphere – you should expect it right? Well, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. Recently I got a really negative comment on the blog from a troll who I’m pretty sure changed his/her name but generally wrote me twice the same thing about how she didn’t think I was telling my readers…

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Locals I Love: Denya Pandolfi

denya brazilian expat in florence

Florence and Italy in general, is full of amazing humans. People doing creative things, breaking out of social norms and carving their own niches in their own, unique way. Henceforth we have an interview for a Sunday afternoon. This week, I am talking to Denya, a Brazilian Journalist and blogger (who also has pretty awesome instagram account you should follow) who I met earlier this year. She always has a smile on her face and has a kind of unique style…

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Plantains and Good Nights

Cool Cocktail Bar Sabor Cubano in Florence, Italy | @girlinflorence

Normally the last thing I think about doing on a Sunday morning is whip out my laptop and write a post on the spot. I usually prefer having a few cups and coffee, cuddles and playing with my dog Ginger – after all we bloggers need a break sometimes ;-). However, yesterday was stuck in my brain so much that writing a fun post this Sunday was actually exactly what I wanted to do. Especially after being away at an International…

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