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Visiting Florence this January? Here’s What to Do, My Personal Suggestions

what to do in Florence this January 2019

2019, here you are again, you sly dog.  This post is predictably late after an 11 hour road trip from Nico’s hometown in the southwest of France to our tiny, yet very busy corner of Florence, Italy. My house is freezing, I have nothing in the fridge except some tahini and old butter and the last thing I want to do is a load of laundry and get back to work. Luckily Ginger the beagle is providing much needed warmth…

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12 Photos of Florence to Kick Start Your Weekend

Lately life has been almost on overdrive, Nico and I have been traveling a lot with the Christmas holidays, from France to Istanbul and a weekend in Paris – a lot of what you will see in the blog. Of course it is a lot of fun but also a bit stressful since after all, work never stops and the internet never shuts the heck up. However, when we touch down into Florence and walk across Ponte Santa Trinita towards…

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