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36 Hours in Matera, A Town That Italy Now Remembers


There is not much that prepares you for seeing Basilicata’s Matera for the first time. I did my fair share of searching online and on instagram and through friend’s photos, bumping my own luggage from step to step as we stepped from our Fiat 500 to a place that was once the shame of Italy, considered a malaria-filled slum. It became in the famous book written in 1945 by Carlo Levi ‘Christ Stopped at Eboli‘ (Cristo si è fermato a…

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Hotel Villa La Palagina in Tuscany

villa la palagina

If you asked me a few years ago about where to stay in Tuscany, I probably would have sent you in a link to airbnb. After a series of crap hotels in my early twenties, when budget was the biggest factor and I still wasn’t all that savvy online, I said the hell with it and embraced the idea of living like a local. And while I still love apartment stays while traveling, and have done so in Berlin, Istanbul…

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Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten-Free Options in Florence, Italy

Green asparagus on mediterranean market stand Bologna Italy.

Normally, you would never think of Italy as a place for vegetarians. This is a land known for bistecca, cured meats and all sorts of delicious goodness. That being said, the traditional Mediterranean diet is very vegetable based and healthy to boot. Personally, I tend to eat very little meat – just out of habit more than anything so this list is just as good for me than anyone else. Plus you would be surprised how yummy and eclectic some…

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North vs. the South | A United Italy

old men in Italy

I’ve never been much for stereotypes. Probably this has something to do with being from a place that many people have an opinion about. The ‘lone star’ state of Texas definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea though I normally find more people delighted about where I’m from in Europe than in the states. Nico, my french partner in crime (and now fiance) has also undergone the same thing. Being French in Italy isn’t really that easy. Plenty of people delight…

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The Perfect Weekend in San Giuliano Terme


Everytime I think I ‘know it all’ in Tuscany (a dangerous thing to think), I learn of a new place I hadn’t even heard of. Tuscany as a region is a rather large place, full of small towns and hidden corners that even many native Tuscan’s themselves don’t know about. Call it the anomaly of living in a place where so much is beautiful yet while some towns such as Pienza strike a chord with many, places like San Giuliano…

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August events in Florence, Italy


I blinked and suddenly August has arrived, the strange month of July or #nosummer as the twitter trend seems to be liking these days, is finally over. Everyone loves to complain about the weather but I think we all have done enough whining to last a lifetime.  Truth be told it’s been a fabulous month for me, lots of interesting work opportunities, a birthday surprise trip to Puglia (post coming soon) and cool weather. Yes the rain is too much…

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