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April Giveaway! Acquacotta: Recipes and Stories from Tuscany’s Secret Silver Coast

I remember visiting my friend Emiko in Porto Ercole in 2015 when she was there for a six month period along Tuscany’s silver coastline. Beloved by those in the know, it is certainly not a place as famous as Liguria’s Cinque Terre or further down south, the popular Amalfi Coast. But that’s why I love it. Here, the coastal towns of Porto Ercole, and Porto Santo Stefano in the promontory of Monte Argentario fill up with locals or visiting Italians…

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8 Reasons Why I Am Grateful To Italy

Why Italy? And not one of the many other incredible places to call home in this world. All I know is my own reality and life in il bel paese has come with its fair share of hardships, sure, but has given me far more than I’ve probably provided in return. In honor of Thanksgiving, a holiday I have always loved despite its dubious birth, here is my own personal list of (just a few) reasons why I grateful for…

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Two Nights In Monti, Rome’s Perfect Central Neighborhood

On my many return trips to Rome, I’ve been on the hunt to discover it neighborhood and neighborhood. It’s vast size requires that you have somewhat of a plan, the blisters on the bottom of my feet and well-worn boot heels are physical war-wounds from past trips where I would just “walk aimlessly” from A to B. Sounds like the plot to “Roman Holiday” but only if your idea of a vacation comes with multiple trips to the Pharmacy and…

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36 Hours in Matera, A Town That Italy Now Remembers

There is not much that prepares you for seeing Basilicata’s Matera for the first time. I did my fair share of searching online and on instagram and through friend’s photos, bumping my own luggage from step to step as we stepped from our Fiat 500 to a place that was once the shame of Italy, considered a malaria-filled slum. It became in the famous book written in 1945 by Carlo Levi ‘Christ Stopped at Eboli‘ (Cristo si è fermato a…

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Hotel Villa La Palagina in Tuscany

If you asked me a few years ago about where to stay in Tuscany, I probably would have sent you in a link to airbnb. After a series of crap hotels in my early twenties, when budget was the biggest factor and I still wasn’t all that savvy online, I said the hell with it and embraced the idea of living like a local. And while I still love apartment stays while traveling, and have done so in Berlin, Istanbul…

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Vegetarian, Vegan & Gluten-Free Options in Florence, Italy

Normally, you would never think of Italy as a place for vegetarians. This is a land known for bistecca, cured meats and all sorts of delicious goodness. In fact if you go to places like Umbria or Emilia-Romagna, people might give you the side-eye if you talk glowingly about your vegan diet. That being said, the traditional Mediterranean diet is very vegetable based and healthy to boot. Personally, I tend to eat very little meat – just out of habit…

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