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Mobike Revolution: Bike-Sharing In Florence

I knew the day would come when I actually would want to ride a bike daily.  The #MobikeRevolution, dock-less city bike sharing, has arrived to the city of Florence and I have wanted to write about this for some time. Yet I held off in an attempt to share only when I’ve actually tried their service for a few weeks and now it’s finally time to report back on the blog. Additionally, it coincides quite nicely with this month’s Italy blogger roundtable…

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Why Moving To Florence Might Not Be The Best Idea For You

First of all, mi dispiace (I’m sorry) for the depressing headline, as you know this is a blog, a blog with my personal opinions mingled with life experience after 10 years in Italy. Which is a heck of a lot less than a lot of other people I know here. One thing I really should say before continuing this post is that I am super pro anyone moving to another country, even if for a short time. Anything that gets…

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North vs. the South | A United Italy

old men in Italy

I’ve never been much for stereotypes. Probably this has something to do with being from a place that many people have an opinion about. The ‘lone star’ state of Texas definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea though I normally find more people delighted about where I’m from in Europe than in the states. Nico, my french partner in crime (and now fiance) has also undergone the same thing. Being French in Italy isn’t really that easy. Plenty of people delight…

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Real or Fake? Shop Smart in Italy

‘Shop small-mart not walmart’ is a life quote I (try) to live by. While it’s completely tempting to go for those deep discounts, what matters more is who you actually are giving your money too. It’s not always possible, but I think doing that extra bit of research to find a local place that adheres to a higher standard and treats their employees well, is a pretty damn cool thing to do. Living in Italy, people would like to think…

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How (not) to Spend Thanksgiving in Florence

Happy Friday and welcome to another collaborative post with my beloved COSI (crazy observations by stranieri (foreigners) in Italy) blogger roundtable team. We took a short hiatus and now are back with a post every month on a common theme, each of us adding our own, sometimes awkward, points of view. We welcome a new member to the team so say hello to Andrea from Sex, Lies & Nutella, I liked her the second I saw the blog’s title. Also…

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Your Ferragosto in Florence Survival Guide

The magical month of August in Italy means many things: virtually empty Italian major cities, copious amounts of parking for tourists, buses that never come and that soul-crushing moment when you walk up to a restaurant or bar you’ve read about only to see that they are ‘chiuso’ from August 1- 25th or some variation of the sort. Yes my friends, it’s time to embrace ‘chiuso per ferie’ August, a period that bewilders some of us, namely because it seems…

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