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11 Italian Words, Phrases and Expressions That I am Thankful For

Just like that, it’s already Thanksgiving. I am currently in our living room, snuggled up with a cozy blanket, sipping a cappuccino and pretending like this isn’t a normal work day in Italy when it in all actuality it is—and yes, I still have to work. Truth be told, I have lost the desire to celebrate most American holidays since moving to Italy ten years ago — but Thanksgiving has always felt like something sacred. If you ignore Black Friday,…

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19 Embarrassing Mistakes That are Easy to Make In Italian

When we flatulate, we can pray Stay with me on this one guys.. I love getting emails from people because it makes posts like this possible. When it comes to learning languages on this blog, you know I have been more than open regarding my own linguistic mishaps – this show no sign of slowing down as I attempt now a third language to further my masochistic life journey with languages. Thanks to Italian teacher Roberta who was nice enough to…

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How I almost lost my native language

  Who needs silly words when you have a plethora of gestures to choose from, Reason #24436726762 to love Italy! He’s just being a ‘rompe palle’ (A pain in the ass). You might wonder why I am essentially calling someone a ‘not to so nice name’ but it’s not aimed at anyone in particular, just an example of how my language skills have evolved after living in Italy for eight years. “You know I can’t really explain how it works,…

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The people of Sansepolcro, Italy

You would think that after living in Italy for six + years that nothing would surprise me anymore. After all, Italy is the land of beautiful landscapes and interesting personalities no matter where you are in the country. And did I mention the food? Well luckily, I am constantly wowed on a daily basis which is enough to keep me living in this country despite a continuous struggle against low wages and increasingly high living expenses. I first mentioned Sansepolcro…

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Making friends in Florence, Italy

 ‘Where do you meet people’ in Florence, Italy?’ It’s a subject I have touched on before but I really thought it worthy of its own post. It is true that The Florentines as people have a reputation for being very closed and I really don’t have a ton of Florentine girlfriends, more acquaintances. Instead I personally find it easier to form friendships with Italians from other parts of Italy since they too have had to move and make new friends. People here…

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Beware of these Italian words

When anyone learns a new language – its invariable that they will often make mistakes early on. Some are fairly innocent, after all Italian has a lot of false cognates {words that seem similar to English words but aren’t, like camera which in Italian means room.} A fun conversation I like to have with my Italian-is-a-second-language friends is all of the really embarrassing mistakes we have made in public when trying to make conversation. Example one {this is me}. In Italian you can…

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