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Why you should visit Bavaria part 2 (Munich)

After such a fantastic time in Fussen we hopped in the var and headed over to Munich which I had never visited before. Sometimes I get the feeling that people only associate this great city with Oktoberfest which is a real shame considering it really is worth visiting for more than just a festival celebrating beer. On another note, from friends of mine who work in the travel industry – I have actually heard that Springfest is far more fun and…

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Why you should visit Bavaria part 1 (Füssen)

Bavaria – land of green forests, hearty food, Disneyland inspired castles and beautiful rivers and lakes. It really is a place of dreams and its worth visiting at least once in your lifetime to see lederhosen & giant pretzels in person.  Bavaria actually happens to be the largest state in Germany with 12.5 million inhabitants with Munich as it’s capital city. This post is focusing on Fussen, keep an eye out for part 2 for Munich coming out soon. Some fun facts…

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Why you should visit….Berlin

Its cheap, its dynamic, there is tons of things to do, Christmas markets, surprisingly fabulous food, great nightlife and full of sordid history that is fascinating to any history buff like myself. I warn in advance this is a long blog post but I couldn’t help myself on this one.. This last November, me and t-man finally decided to visit his cousin’s German girlfriend in Berlin. To be perfectly frank, I never thought much of the city, I had already been to…

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