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Locals I Love – Diana Simon

Back again with another fun edition of ‘locals I love’ this time speaking to someone I really love to read on the blog-o-sphere (and twitter) who is on top of her game when it comes to sharing tips and news all about Italy (and especially Rome). Diana manages the social media for an Italian tour company, shares her experiences on her blogs (BrowsingItaly & BrowsingRome), teaches English and plays aunt to her nieces and nephew. A global nomad who has…

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April events in Florence, Italy

While I may at this exact moment be sitting on my mom’s plush beige couch in San Antonio,Texas, Florence is never far from my mind. Especially this month of April which surely will be an exciting month for us all with Easter and more vacation coming up {because we can never have enough, right?}. The weather as usual will vary from Spring to rain to winter – but that’s ok because we live in the most beautiful city in the…

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Why you should visit the Gulf of Baratti, Tuscany

Ah, the art of the ponte – or ‘bridge’ which in Italian refers to taking an extra day off to make a long weekend, a not-so-uncommon occurence in the world of work in Italy. This past June, I had just the opportunity to partake in this most wonderous of Italian traditions during the Festa di San Giovanni – a Florentine holiday that falls on June 24th. Since I had that Monday off, me and the Frenchy {my very creative nickname…

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Girl vs. Ravioli

You guessed it, in that slightly-cheesy photo, I am quite literally beating the beejesus out of some pasta dough. Just another Tuesday, right? Wrong. My first foray into the wonderful world of ravioli started at the ripe age of 28 years old. Store bought pasta always suited me just fine even if I admit I was very jealous of any episode of Masterchef where the contestants whipped up a succulent plate of tortellini. So how, when and where did I…

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July events in Florence, Italy

Considering it’s July, you would imagine that the city would be winding down for the summer right? Well you would be very very wrong as I was even shocked while writing this list of all the really cool events around town this month. I nearly got carpal-tunnel from writing this, it was so long! How awesome is Florence? I say it again and again, for a city as small as this, we sure do have so many cool things to…

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What I always miss when I leave Florence

Everytime I go away on vacation.. ie: this past month — I always wonder how I am going to feel about Florence upon my return. Will I start comparing everything instantly,  pitting countries that I’ve visited or lived pros and cons against one another like a twisted game of tug & war? If I am truly honest, I find that my own mind can be contradictory at any given moment. I get frustrated with the crowds leaving me to navigate the historical…

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