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Why Aperitivo Still Matters

I quickly wrote you about possibly submitting some recipes or stories for ITALY Magazine, obviously I think you are a wonderful writer and I thought this might be a fun way to collaborate. We are open to your thoughts and just to give you an example of past recipes we've published on ITALY Mag, you can check these out. Personally I like more of a little bit of a story behind the recipe or what it means to you :). let me know what you think and what you might like to submit (if you still do) and we can go from there. thanks again Amy and I look forward to reading your ideas. Have a great Monday,

For those who live in Italy, aperitivo as we say in Italian is more than just a ritual. A ‘after work’ aperitif drink with friends, to meet over a glass of bubbles or a glass of red, means you can complain about work/home/your neighbor and not be judged. Winding down the day with a little mindless chatter and a few salty snacks is more important than you might thing. Yes it is the Italian version of happy hour normally around…

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