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Illegal to Date a Street Artist? Apparently So in Japan

I wasn’t planning to write a post like this, mainly because you would hope to not be compelled to but since I have a high esteem for the work of street artist Clet Abraham, his wonderful partner, and the people he works with that have become friends. I had to share this ongoing story that we still don’t know the ending to. Clet’s work using peelable stickers to modify urban street signs are pretty famous in Florence and around the world,…

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What The Hail? Storm Photo Diary in Florence

A quick post for a Saturday morning, just because I believe this storm is crazy enough to warrant a photo post about its absolutely insane aftermath. Storms aren’t foreign to me, growing up in both New Orleans and Texas, I am used to nature being pretty pissed off, downright angry even. However, in Florence the worst you might get is usually just a load of annoying rain. That was until yesterday. As I was on a blog tour with the…

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