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Instagramming Florence: The Birth Of #YourFlorence

You might be thinking, what the hell is the point of creating another hashtag. Or hasn’t Florence been photographed in every possible way already? My answer would be, probably, but there is a reason for that. Just like people sharing cat memes, it just works.  Whether it’s someone passing through, or a local capturing a favorite hideaway– it’s no secret that people are using social networks more than ever to plan their Italy trips or even just feel nostalgic for…

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Locals I Love – Corinna ‘Coco’ Matthes

Locals I Love is back, this time I interviewed someone I personally know very well who has recently taken the plunge to move her whole life to Florence, Italy from Berlin, German. Have you ever met one of those souls who are just amazing and almost divinely meant to be in your life? Coco is one of those people for me, she has been there for me for all of my own Florentine ups & downs and even showed me…

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Osteria de L’Ortolano – foodie spot near the Accademia Gallery

  While I adore offering friends, family and you guys restaurant recommendations in Florence, Italy – the one area that I have always been a little ‘eh’ about was around Piazza San Marco and the Galleria della Accademia. I received an invite recently to check out a small deli and restaurant on via degli alfani in this area which unbeknownst to me has been operating for over 50 years. The lovely tiny Osteria de L’Ortolano is owned by a friendly couple Marta &…

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April events in Florence, Italy

While I may at this exact moment be sitting on my mom’s plush beige couch in San Antonio,Texas, Florence is never far from my mind. Especially this month of April which surely will be an exciting month for us all with Easter and more vacation coming up {because we can never have enough, right?}. The weather as usual will vary from Spring to rain to winter – but that’s ok because we live in the most beautiful city in the…

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Locals I Love – Costanza Giovannini

This week’s local I love is Costanza, a girl who works too much and shares my love of moscow mules. Witty, almost too organized, she is just one of those people who ‘gets it.’ We met a few times but more recently we embarked on a blog tour adventure together to promote the thermal springs of Tuscany with Play Your Tuscany. After just a few days, I really felt like I had a new family, we all meshed together perfectly…

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Odd in Florence 2 – embrace the weird

After the success of ‘Odd in Florence’ part one featuring weird things I spotted around town, I knew i had to make this a continuous series. Of course the pretty pictures of panoramas overlooking Florence, foodporn that will make anyone fail their diet and colorful vintage fiats won’t stop anytime soon. But just like a high school lunchroom – there is enough room for everyone and everything on this blog ;). You could reason that I like to keep my…

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