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Where the Locals go – my excerpt in National Geographic

Practically before I could read, I used to flip pages of books and magazines forever curious about the stories that lied beneath. Anyone who knows me well, remembers me constantly with a book by my side, whether it be a friend’s house, the supermarket, at school – probably I annoyed many people by the amount of time I spent reading and ignoring them. This probably didn’t help my less than great eyesight but it did however, open my mind to…

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Locals I Love – Michela Simoncini

Introducing this week’s ‘local I love’, Michela Simoncini, who is Italian, works as a Social Media Manager (sounds familiar) and loves all sorts of drinks from wine to “Sbagliato”, from cappuccino to your classic Americano (the coffee), from Moscow Mule to Amaro del Capo, and on and on! I think you get the point here, Michela is a fun girl! I met her through several blogging adventures and at several Yelp events around town. Let’s get to know this Italiana…

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Georgette’s guide to surviving Florence this August

So you are here this August in Florence, Italy. Part of me wonders why, if after all you presumably did some research and discovered that most Italians {less though this year} escape for some or all of the month of August to various seaside locations, to the mountains, or abroad. What is left is plenty of parking in the center and loads of tourists sporting every kind of hat imaginable to man, child and baby… perhaps even dogs.  Or you…

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Locals I Love – Gianna Shepherd

Back again this {Friday} with another addition to ‘Locals I Love’. This week I asked my good friend Gianna to let us into her life for a few seconds this busy girl has free. Me and this girl have gone on our fair share of avventure {adventures} and it seems like when we are together anything weird tends to happen. To be honest, that’s just the kind of friend I like best! Without further ado, let’s get to know this…

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Hiking in the hills above Sorgane in Florence

Whenever I really need time to think, and lately I have really needed time alone for a bit of self-reflection, I hop outside and climb up this hill beside my house. I happen to live close to Viale Europe and Bagno a Ripoli which is a 25 minute commute from the center by bus, sometimes less depending on that attitude of the bus driver. They tend to get very ‘formula one’ once they near the capolinea [last stop] and I sometimes…

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