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Vogue’s Fashion night out in Florence, cocktails & Ferragamo

Vogue’s Fashion Night Out in Florence {#VFNO2013} can be summed up using a few words – free cocktails, crazy outfits, plenty of shoes with no socks and the most traffic stores on lonely via tornabuoni received in one day (from … non-rich tourists).  Basically its a chance for your average person (me) to wear a fun blazer, put on too much lipstick and wander into stores where you could never actually buy anything. One of the funniest moments of the night…

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September events in Florence, Italy

I absolutely love September in Florence. The weather gets a little cooler, the Florentines have returned to town and to work and there is a lively buzz around town. There are lots of events around town, cool art, Vogue’s Fashion night out, truffle sagra, harvest festivals and this girl wishes she could clone herself to take advantage of all the fun things there are to do. This is a fabulous month to be in Tuscany and consider yourself lucky! I…

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July events in Florence, Italy

Considering it’s July, you would imagine that the city would be winding down for the summer right? Well you would be very very wrong as I was even shocked while writing this list of all the really cool events around town this month. I nearly got carpal-tunnel from writing this, it was so long! How awesome is Florence? I say it again and again, for a city as small as this, we sure do have so many cool things to…

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April events in Florence, Italy

April showers bring May’s Flowers – I have always hated that phrase and this year it might as well be four months of rain with no end in sight. Yes, we in Florence are ready for a little bit of sole (sun) and so far this week has been promising. YES! thank you mother nature. On my morning work commute, I am starting to see flowers in bloom by Piazzale Michelangelo, Porta Romana and all over the city in shrubs and…

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February 2013 events in Florence, Italy

panoramic view florence michelangelo

February is just upon us and according to Phil, the groundhog in Pennsalyvania we will be enjoying an early spring this year, hurrah!  As usual this year started off in a rainy, rather random temperature kind of way. It was warm and rainy, it was freezing, it was going to snow, it was cold again, then warm again. Who really knows anymore. WIthout further ado, here are my February 2013 top list of events in Florence, Italy. TEMPORARY ART EXHIBIT:…

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