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What to Do in May 2018 in Florence: Personal Suggestions For a Great Month

No better way to kick off a month than when it falls on a public holiday, albeit one that is dedicated to such a noble cause — commemorating the Haymarket affair, which occurred in Chicago on 4 May 1886 and the legal establishment of the 8-hour day (more info here). As you would expect, May 1st always feels quite festive as Italians are treated to two holidays in the span of a week and warm weather prevails bringing people out and about for…

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August Events in Florence, Italy

ponte vecchio florence italy

I think we all want to wish July a pretty hefty inferno arrivederci. From what I have experienced myself, and from what I have seen on social media, it seems like we were all to be punished this month in a brutal heatwave that seems to have affected us all, and made everyone pretty cranky. I admit to spending my days living in vampire status at home, exiting for the occasional ice-coffee or an icy caffe shakerato at places like…

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October Events in Florence, Italy

October is an awesome month to be in Italy. Cooler weather, soft sun and less tourists makes it the perfect to explore the best of Italy, and especially Tuscany. Also food festivals are still going strong all over the region, so you can be sure to grab a plate of handmade tortelli or the famous Florentine steak at many of the local sagre. Or what about an interesting seminar at NYU’s stunning campus, Villa Pietra? Or what about a fair…

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April events in Florence, Italy

While I may at this exact moment be sitting on my mom’s plush beige couch in San Antonio,Texas, Florence is never far from my mind. Especially this month of April which surely will be an exciting month for us all with Easter and more vacation coming up {because we can never have enough, right?}. The weather as usual will vary from Spring to rain to winter – but that’s ok because we live in the most beautiful city in the…

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Undercover Palazzo Pitti – exploring women artists

“‘My Lordship, I’ll show you what a woman can do.’  – artist Artmesia Gentileschi  Throughout the centuries women have had to work tremendously hard to make their voice heard, especially in renaissance Florence where most women’s destinies lied in childbirth and taking care of the home. Their voices rarely heard nor seen which is why this subject fascinates me as a very independent girl living in their same city, free to roam as I please. What we know less about…

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January events in Florence, Italy

For some reason, January has creeped up on me without any warning. One second we were departing from the Florence Peretola airport headed to France for Christmas and then suddenly, we were in Lisbon, Portugal bringing in the new year with plenty of Rose and now, I’m back in my chilly apartment in Florence. Of course, despite a bit of post-vacation depression, Florence is as beautiful as ever. Chilly sure, but also sunny and full of people taking walks in…

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