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What to Do in February 2018 in Florence: Personal Suggestions For a Great Month

This month has predictably started in a less than pleasant way. Here I was thrilled to have passed a winter without getting sick, ready to ride out the good fortune until Spring and yes, that’s where it went all downhill. Note to self, never think you are invincible or gloat in the fact that the influenza, in all of its nasty, evil forms, hasn’t hit you yet. Because you aren’t. My tragic version was the all-dreaded stomach flu turned regular…

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July Events in Florence, Personal Suggestions For a Great Month

July has arrived and it leaves in its wake the heatwave we’ve all been complaining about for almost the entirety of June. Yesterday, I was actually cold in my house as the summer storms have begun and the city gets a welcome break from the sun’s relentless beating. Florence is full-to-bursting as it is every July, I tend to get up early and wander the Duomo side of the city only then or after dark, a bit vampire-isa, I know,…

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A WorldWide Instameet In Florence, A Photo Diary

Where were we before instagram? It seems as if the hottest thing since ‘calling my bully on youtube’ is photographing your avocado toast or cappuccino on everyone’s favorite social network. I feel pretty confident saying that — with over 80 million photos uploaded to the social network each day as it celebrates its 5th anniversary, and 400 million monthly users in total according to well, them. In Italy, there is actually quite a strong presence of intagrammers all over the…

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July Events in Florence, Italy

empirio roofto pbar florence

July has arrived with a lovely heatwave (lovely to those who have air-conditioning) and as I write with a fan blasting on me 24/7, well at least its summer!  It’s my birthday month and we are escaping to Calabria on the 8th for a week-long vacation in an area of Italy that I actually no nothing, not even a little, about. In fact if you have some tips, please comment and let me know! While we are in Florence, you…

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August events in Florence, Italy

I blinked and suddenly August has arrived, the strange month of July or #nosummer as the twitter trend seems to be liking these days, is finally over. Everyone loves to complain about the weather but I think we all have done enough whining to last a lifetime.  Truth be told it’s been a fabulous month for me, lots of interesting work opportunities, a birthday surprise trip to Puglia (post coming soon) and cool weather. Yes the rain is too much…

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