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december events in florence italy

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December Events In Florence, Italy

Wow, what a month.  After over a week of wedding madness, this girl is officially a Mrs. (yay!) and breathe a little easier. All is done, family and friends had an incredible (I hope) time and we actually managed to enjoy the day without it passing by with a blink of the eye. I might sound like a broken record with all of the wedding talk, but honestly I don’t give a damn because I’m over the moon still and…

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December Events in Florence, Italy

It’s finally December and although you may not feel the ‘chill’ outside, I’m sure you are going ga-ga over the Christmas lights. As always this a month full of fun things to do, visit, experience in the best city on earth, Florence Italy. Yes they paid me to say that (kidding). To me, it is always a bit of a magical time of year not really because of Christmas, but more because the city feels full of locals doing their…

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