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What Cassoulet Taught Me About Family

A rather ambiguous title I admit — but I really couldn’t imagine a better starting to what I hope is an interesting post about a connection I never really knew existed in Italy. It all stems from the depths of a terra-cotta pot used to cook a hearty dish consisting of a base of white beans, pork skin and duck susafe — sprinkled generously with pepper. It has been made famous from its birthplace in the south-west of France, specially…

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Why you should visit Montecarlo

I had to include our pit-stop to Monaco on our way back from France to Italy because Montecarlo was that beautiful – it would have been an absolute disservice not to share. After driving 4 1/2 hours from Castelnaudary, we arrived just in time for lunch. Located at the south western part of Europe, Monaco is an autonomous city-state and the world’s second smallest country. Driving from the highway to Montecarlo is quite a sight, the streets are windy and the…

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A South-West France food photo-blog

This is not a part of my normal series “why you should visit…” but something I just had to incorporate due to my love of food. When I first went to France years ago, Paris, with a friend. I didn’t exactly have the best food or wine experience. I was young (21) and my friend’s preferred dinner included no carbs and many meals of apple and cheese. yikes. This August I decided to tag along with my awesome friend Nico…

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Why you should visit Castelnaudary (South-West France)

[slideshow] We just got back yesterday from 10 absolutely unforgettable days sightseeing around South-west France and the Basque country (with a pit-stop in Monaco). We ended up road-tripping from Italy with a friend living in Florence but originally from Castelnaudary who wanted to show us his perspective of this region of France. T-man before this has never been to either France or Spain because like many Italians, he thought the countries were “too similar” to Italy to go out of his way to see…

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