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50 Shades of “Foreign” in Florence, Italy

“Ma tu non sei Italiana, di dove sei?” Italianess “You are not Italian, where are you from?” An innocent question, made typically out of pure curiosity by the person I’m speaking to. Usually, it’s followed by.. “Ma, parli Italiano benissimo, brava” But you speak Italian well, good job” I always wince a little when I hear that for two different reasons. One, I have lived in Italy full stop since 2007, and after 10 years my Italian SHOULD be good…

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È Così, Life Next to a Public Bathroom

Our blogger round-table discussions are back, and the COSI team is tackling a subject that might seem strange to most, the concept of  ‘the bathroom’ in Italy. Personally I thought what better way to beat the ‘rientro’ (return to work blues) by chatting about something we use every single day, but never talk about. Unless you’ve visited the Venice train station’s bathroom with two steps and a hole (we’ve all been there- I first saw this in China).  Ironically when…

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“Can You Get Me A Visa?”

This week C.O.S.I blogger roundtable focuses on crazy comments we regularly receive or see online, which is why the featured image happens to be a spritz from the Mozzarella bar, we all need a drink to read this post.  Being that we as foreigners, have made our home in another country and happen to be pretty public about it. It’s absolutely natural (and mostly welcome – you can contact me for example at ggncally84 [at] hotmail [dot] com – my…

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American in Italy, blogger roundtable, expat, italy, life, Uncategorized, working in italy

How I almost lost my native language

  Who needs silly words when you have a plethora of gestures to choose from, Reason #24436726762 to love Italy! He’s just being a ‘rompe palle’ (A pain in the ass). You might wonder why I am essentially calling someone a ‘not to so nice name’ but it’s not aimed at anyone in particular, just an example of how my language skills have evolved after living in Italy for eight years. “You know I can’t really explain how it works,…

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