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10 Holiday Fails From Around The World

Let’s face it – the holiday season seems slightly doomed the second there erupts a fierce battle over the last waffle maker at Walmart during black Friday after Thanksgiving. And despite our attempts at making Christmas seem squeaky clean, Santa or ‘babbo natale’ as we know in Italy doesn’t always ‘get it right’. In fact when I saw the photo above – it reminded me of all of the awkward family photos we took in Texas often involving the jovial…

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January events in Florence Italy

Christmas is over, a new year has begun and yet we still don’t have flying cars, darn! In Italy, too many meals have been scarfed and Befana will visit kids and adults alike on the 6th,  handing out candy and carbone {coal}. If the coal is made of candy, I’ll happily take it. While I know all too well how depressing of a month January can be, my advice to everyone is – don’t let that happen. Take advantage of…

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Hello world, new start, Befana and Birther.. here goes!

New Year new blog, I decided I hate my current blog which actually annoys me every time I see its homepage and actually de-inspires me to write.. So toast to 2011 and this new puppy of mine. They say blogs should have a theme and since I am not looking to make money off blogging or actually cry if no one deigns to read it.. I am not going to be strict about that.. sometime blogging ( to me ) can…

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