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Why you should visit the Basque Country (San Sebastian)

Our last day of adventures in the Basque led us to San Sebastian or Donostia (in Basque language) which is located near the Bay of Biscay and near the French border – with three famous beaches Concha, Ondaretta, and Zurriola. We decided to park our car in Hendaye and take the Euska train to San Sebastian since we didn’t want to worry about parking and we wanted to focus on the important things while traveling, stuffing our faces and getting into trouble. The…

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Why you should visit the Basque Country (coast – part three)

A trip to the Côte Basque would not be complete without a visit to the beautiful port city of Saint Jean de Luz, named after St. John the Baptist and just a few kilometers from Spain. It’s wealth stems from its port and its past, with the town being associated with either fishing or from the capture of vessels by its own Basque corsaires, or pirates. We had heard that this was a gem not to be missed so we spent a…

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Why you should visit the Basque Country (coast – part two)

After enjoying the beautiful tranquil countryside in ‘why you should visit the basque part one‘ we decided we needed a little chaos in our lives so we headed down to the beach towns of Biarritz & Saint Jean de Luz. The french pays basque coastline is quite small so we were able to move around quite easily in our car though traffic was definitely a pain. Our first stop was the elegant stomping ground/ surfers paradise of Biarritz. Along the…

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Why you should visit the Basque country (part one)

Part of of our France adventures involved a 4 day foray into the Basque country (Euskal Herria). To be honest I have only heard of this region recently but yet there was something about it that made me really want to see this part of Europe. The Basque itself is comprised of the area around the western Pyrenees and encompesses both France and Spain along the Atlantic coastline. According to wikipedia: The modern claim for the extent of the Basque Country,…

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