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Getting a Haircut in Italy: What You Need to Know

fiat florence italy

I love getting emails from you guys, every time I see a message from someone who reads the blog and finds my tips useful to them in some way, I’m thrilled. When I can, I try and help which is why I encourage you to email me or send me a message on Facebook. The latest question came from a friend, Cara (who is a talented musician), who told me she was having issues finding extensive tips online for vocabulary…

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American in Italy, ask an expat, expat, italy, life, tips, tuscany, uncategorised, Uncategorized, working in italy

Ask an Expat: Volunteer in Florence

Florence, Italy | How to Volunteer tips by @girlinflorence

So while I haven’t exactly kept up with my promise of posting this once a week, I am attempting to grow a section of the blog titled ‘Ask an Expat’  in order to touch more on frequent questions I get from you guys, my valued readership. By answering the questions here, and by keeping the questions anonymous, everyone benefits by being able to read what I would answer right here on the blog and we can use this post as an…

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