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Living Time Capsules: Paolo Carandini’s Boxes in Florence

“This is my favorite” Paolo smiles as he runs his hands over the top of a rectangular box “inside, it represents the gold rush in America, from a female point of view. Many don’t know this but women made a lot of money during this period. Not digging up gold of course, but instead, selling useful things to those who were searching for gold,” he laughs as he slowly opens the box. We peered eagerly inside, the front end of…

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Locals I Love: Erin Ciulla

The thing about living in Florence is that it always surprises you. Not as much the beauty and art, you pretty much know that is going to be good. Instead, it’s the people you meet. The ones who defy the norm and create a creative niche for themselves, and make it ‘happen’ thus creating small waves in the future of this country. These modern international artisans quietly inspire from their hidden nooks in the city and create a new generation…

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What to do if you can’t go home for Christmas

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As you can probably guess by the title of this post – I am not going home for Christmas. For the first time in two years, I am actually staying in Florence, Italy for the holidays which is fine, but always a little sad for me. I come from a large family back in Texas and while on the surface we can be very very different – we always have a really awesome time together when I come back. My…

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Florence in April? My picks

Now that we are sliding into spring and masses of tourists have infiltrated our city with floppy hats, umbrellas , cameras and lots and lots of khaki , are they going on a safari? I figure besides people watching, I better provide a ‘get away’ list for those who want a refuge from the crowds. April is a funny month, both in the mood of the weather gods for example, is it going to rain OR not? and the information for events.…

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