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Living Time Capsules: Paolo Carandini’s Boxes in Florence

“This is my favorite” Paolo smiles as he runs his hands over the top of a rectangular box “inside, it represents the gold rush in America, from a female point of view. Many don’t know this but women made a lot of money during this period. Not digging up gold of course, but instead, selling useful things to those who were searching for gold,” he laughs as he slowly opens the box. We peered eagerly inside, the front end of…

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Locals I Love: Martina Lončar

This Sunday’s interviewee on the blog is a girl I call Tinka, we met about a year ago, I think? Time passes so quickly my mind can never quite keep up but I am sure it was through the Creative People in Florence meet ups. Her actual name is Martina, a Slovenian native who has found a passion for jewelry design among a fabulous artisan collective workshop in the heart of the Oltrarno; the city’s edgy creative and slowly becoming…

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Fratelli Peruzzi: The Silver Makers Of Florence

When most people think of the Ponte Vecchio, the oldest bridge in Florence, mentally they transform into one of those most iconic of Italian locations. An ancient medieval bridge spanning two sides of a city, its arches gleaming in both the morning’s earliest lights and glowing in the nightly sunsets. The stores are historically known to sell gold, as it was famously said that the Medici Family’s creation of the Vasari Corridor spelled the end for the former residents of…

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9 Reasons To Get Excited About Florence’s Duomo

In the leadup to the grand opening of Florence’s revamped  Duomo museum, I thought, what better time to celebrate all of the cool things you can experience near and at our most famous monument. Yes it gets crowded and you wonder when the hell down season, if there exists one, will arrive but remember — this is all for a reason. Earlier this year, I was privy to experience some of the more unique activities that I think are extremely…

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Locals I Love: Sara Amrhein

Artisans come in many forms, we may be used to thinking of them in a classical way, as solely part of an older ‘lost’ generation that is slowly fading away in Italy’s small shops and studios tucked away in small alleyways called ‘vicoli’. Luckily, if you live and breathe everyday life in Italy, you will realize that this could not be further from the truth. Truth is, there are plenty of younger people, doing creative things, making with their hands,…

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