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Why Aperitivo Still Matters

I quickly wrote you about possibly submitting some recipes or stories for ITALY Magazine, obviously I think you are a wonderful writer and I thought this might be a fun way to collaborate. We are open to your thoughts and just to give you an example of past recipes we've published on ITALY Mag, you can check these out. Personally I like more of a little bit of a story behind the recipe or what it means to you :). let me know what you think and what you might like to submit (if you still do) and we can go from there. thanks again Amy and I look forward to reading your ideas. Have a great Monday,

For those who live in Italy, aperitivo as we say in Italian is more than just a ritual. A ‘after work’ aperitif drink with friends, to meet over a glass of bubbles or a glass of red, means you can complain about work/home/your neighbor and not be judged. Winding down the day with a little mindless chatter and a few salty snacks is more important than you might thing. Yes it is the Italian version of happy hour normally around…

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Aperitivo at Hotel Minerva – cocktails & sunsets

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a sucker for a beautiful panoramic view of Florence. I am in love with my city and there is no better way to really revel in its marvelousness than by embracing its full glory on one of the many rooftop terraces around town. Last week, I joined my friend Alexandra Korey, Elena Farinelli, Kristina ‘Yelp’ community manager, The Florentine for a special event trying 27 different new cocktails on top of Hotel Minerva in…

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In Florence this August? Some “cool” suggestions

  As I sit upon my used Ektorp Ikea couch while one sad half-broken fan is struggling to keep me cool while I type, I implore you and myself to remember that August isn’t so bad.  We had the Olympics to go crazy about – in fact I just discovered this week the hilarious/bewildering sport  that is race-walking and wow, those hip movements would make Shakira wince! So yes it is indeed hot, tourists outnumber Italians but remember not everyone has this…

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Caffe, food, and books. List of “nerd-havens” in Florence

Sundays can always be a little tricky in Italy, even for someone who has lived in the city “as long” as I have ( 5 years ) or someone who grew up her, we never seem to know/remember what is actually open. Not looking to spend 5 euros to sit down and sip a caffe in the center’s gorgeous (but overpriced) piazza’s, we decided to head over to Caffeteria Oblate which is a caffe located on the 2nd floor of…

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my favorite aperitivo in florence, can you say “Morrocco” … I can ;)

Anyone who knows me pretty much gets that one of my favorite places to stop in Florence for a “pausa” or break, is a little Morroccan haven called “Derb” . Located on the very interesting ( and international ) Via Faenza off of the San Lorenzo market in the center of Florence, look carefully or you will pass up this gem of a place. Derb is an epitome of what I love about Florence, amongst the fantastic trattorias and great tuscan food,…

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