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My Locals I Love – now you can love them toolocalsilovecoll2I once read this quote “Relationships are the essence of life. It sounds simple but in fact, it’s quite profound when you realize that what has largely shaped the person you are and the person you will become is due to the relationships you’ve formed.” Truer words have yet to be spoken and this is why I started this series in the first place.

Locals I love is a weekly interview with 10 or so questions, published every week, with someone who I personally know who has now made Florence, Italy their home (and now out of Florence as well). Doesn’t matter how long, or why they are here, but rather is just an opportunity to get to know a real person who lives, works and breathes in this marvelous city (or country) I call home.

Everyone has a unique story and perspective to share about their life in Italy

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    09.06.2013 at 18:47

    Is Alessia the one with red lipstick and great eyes in an awesome cinematic shot ?

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      09.06.2013 at 22:32

      yes she is!

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    Yolanda Joe
    07.06.2014 at 4:36

    I love your blog. My name is Professor Yolanda Joe, I am a tenured professor with Columbia College Chicago. I am teaching a course in fashion journalism at LDM this summer in July and would like for you to be a guest speaker for the day at in my class. It is an small and intimate group of five and I think the students who love your blog and energy, many of whom I visiting Florence for the first time.
    Please contact me via email at yjoe@colum.edu to discuss further.

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      07.06.2014 at 9:05

      Hello Yolanda, would be my pleasure!

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    Renate Flynn
    07.07.2014 at 3:59

    What a great idea to highlight your Florentine friends! I gain so much inspiration from your blog!

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