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10 Holiday Fails From Around The World

Let’s face it – the holiday season seems slightly doomed the second there erupts a fierce battle over the last waffle maker at Walmart during black Friday after Thanksgiving. And despite our attempts at making Christmas seem squeaky clean, Santa or ‘babbo natale’ as we know in Italy doesn’t always ‘get it right’. In fact when I saw the photo above – it reminded me of all of the awkward family photos we took in Texas often involving the jovial…

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24 hours in Bilbao

When I first brought up visiting the Spanish city of Bilbao, most people’s reactions were a bit ‘eh’, after all it was unfairly nicknamed ‘el boxto’ the hole. Best known for the Guggenheim museum pictured above, but yet it really shouldn’t be. There is a lot more to this fascinating town from the cool ‘pod-like’ Metro entrances to the delicious pinxtos that I was obsessed with, and though I might have only spent 24 hours there during our #winteroadtrip from…

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One day in Toledo, Spain

Until you’ve seen Toledo, you have not seen Spain {a famous Spanish saying}. Ah, Toledo – I only got to enjoy walking around your beautiful cobblestone streets for one night and one morning but one thing is for sure – you certainly know how to leave a great first impression. The reason I happened to be in this UNESCO heritage site in Spain only 30 minutes from Madrid was due to it being the perfect stop during our #winteroadtrip from France to Lisbon,…

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Why you should visit Barcelona – a photo diary

Barcelona, sweet Barcelona – how full of beauty and grime you are. It’s my kind of city, a city that has all of the necessary elements for a pretty great lifestyle for a young person. Everywhere there is always chaos, always someone up at 6am having a conversation on a park bench as if it was 2pm on a Saturday afternoon. Because after all, This is Spain. Since we only had Saturday and half-a-day Sunday to explore – time was of…

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Why you should visit Barcelona – hipster vs. gafapastas

36 hours in Barcelona – originally I thought what masochistic person would hop on over to Spain for only a weekend with only one full day to spend in the city? Well this girl decided to jump on the opportunity this last weekend to go with a friend and see just how it feels to spend such a short amount of time in the city,  thanks Ryanair! While not my first foray into the magical chaos that is Barcelona – I…

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Why you should visit the Basque Country (San Sebastian)

Our last day of adventures in the Basque led us to San Sebastian or Donostia (in Basque language) which is located near the Bay of Biscay and near the French border – with three famous beaches Concha, Ondaretta, and Zurriola. We decided to park our car in Hendaye and take the Euska train to San Sebastian since we didn’t want to worry about parking and we wanted to focus on the important things while traveling, stuffing our faces and getting into trouble. The…

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