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Positive Stories This Week Around The World

The world is amazing place. Without getting to philosophic around here, the mere fact that we even get to experience what we do on a daily basis is a miracle in itself, beats being plankton 60,000 leagues under the sea, doesn’t it? This week has been tough in Florence. The tragic news of the death of a community member in Florence, Ashley Olsen that many of you heard about (and contacted me about) has sent shock waves through the community.…

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Behind the Lens: My Year Of Travel On Instagram

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”― Gustave Flaubert This influential French novelist who wrote the great Madame Bovary has a point. The more I see the world, I feel infinitely more humbled. Just walking through the Sunday walking market in Chiang Mai, it is as easy to get lost in the hundreds of people as it is to order a fresh coconut. Way too easy. And the more I hear ignorant…

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10 Holiday Fails From Around The World

Let’s face it – the holiday season seems slightly doomed the second there erupts a fierce battle over the last waffle maker at Walmart during black Friday after Thanksgiving. And despite our attempts at making Christmas seem squeaky clean, Santa or ‘babbo natale’ as we know in Italy doesn’t always ‘get it right’. In fact when I saw the photo above – it reminded me of all of the awkward family photos we took in Texas often involving the jovial…

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Luxury On The Bosphorus: Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul

istanbul east meets west

In Istanbul, everything has a story. I think part of the reason I loved this city so much was the fact that like my adopted country of Italy, Istanbul is brimming with a rich history. Instead of Renaissance families, the past is mingled with Ottoman princes. Our week this past January was nothing short of a mystical ‘east meets west’ dream, we delved into centuries of history all while hungrily feasting on anything we came across, from Byzantine art to…

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Exploring Istanbul By Neighborhood

Istanbul sunset | Girl in Florence

“Istanbul, a universal beauty where poet and archaeologist, diplomat and merchant, princess and sailor, northerner and westerner screams with same admiration. The whole world thinks that this city is the most beautiful place on earth.” —Edmondo De Amicis It’s safe to say that this metropolis of ‘grit and gloss’ blew me away. I was like a teenage girl being asked to prom by the cutest guy in the school, his brief kiss leaving me dazed enough to draw pictures our names together for…

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Istanbul First Impressions: Love at First Site

istanbul mosque

I know I am a ‘happy person’ like the smiling characters decorating your average bag of sour patch kids, not quite like the kid gracing the ‘kinder’ chocolate egg but you get the point. There are plenty of places and things I don’t like, but if I chose to rant about that – I’d just go on a TripAdvisor forum or facebook group like everyone else. But one thing that melted my heart like the kit kat bar I once…

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