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10 Holiday Fails From Around The World

Let’s face it – the holiday season seems slightly doomed the second there erupts a fierce battle over the last waffle maker at Walmart during black Friday after Thanksgiving. And despite our attempts at making Christmas seem squeaky clean, Santa or ‘babbo natale’ as we know in Italy doesn’t always ‘get it right’. In fact when I saw the photo above – it reminded me of all of the awkward family photos we took in Texas often involving the jovial…

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Why you should visit….Potsdam (daytrip)

I didn’t want to include this with my last post about Berlin because I felt it worthy of its own spotlight. After all, I have never even heard of this place before going to Berlin and I feel like many people like myself, want a little diversion  from city traveling and get out to the countryside for at least one afternoon. Since we were in Berlin for a full week, which honestly you really need at least that to get…

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