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9 Reasons To Visit Carrara

Fortitudo mea in rota Latin for “My force is in the wheel” – the quote of Carrara, a town most famous for its legendary marble quarries used to build the Pantheon and Trajan’s Column in Rome, and a place with over 2,000 years of history. Also known as the birthplace of  luxury bathrooms and where artists like Michelangelo got the marble to create masterpieces you ‘might’ have heard about like you know, The David. Marble from this area can be spotted in…

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Locals I Love – Diana Simon

Back again with another fun edition of ‘locals I love’ this time speaking to someone I really love to read on the blog-o-sphere (and twitter) who is on top of her game when it comes to sharing tips and news all about Italy (and especially Rome). Diana manages the social media for an Italian tour company, shares her experiences on her blogs (BrowsingItaly & BrowsingRome), teaches English and plays aunt to her nieces and nephew. A global nomad who has…

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A Multilingual Christmas

Christmas time always happens to be an adventure if you happen to be an expat. If not jetting off with the masses to whichever city you hail from, chances you are you are spending the holidays wherever you feel like, no pressure for the nomad! In my case, this year’s Christmas happened to take place in a small French mountain town Ax-les-thermes with my boyfriend’s family. I did however have one small, potential problem, I don’t speak French… unless you…

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Sweet escapes at the Dolce Lab in Florence

While I wouldn’t consider myself a person that constantly craves sweets, when I do – it’s an itch that pretty much is mandatory to scratch. Luckily, living in Italy has provided a plethora of ‘sweet escapes’ to indulge in like tiramisu, panna cotta, various torte and much more. Thank god I live on the third floor with no elevator.  Of course, I do get the occasional craving for a single perfect cupcake, scone or brownie – which is when I…

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Zuppa di Cavolo Nero – Black Kale soup

A Florentine winter – while this year the cold has creeped in a lot slower than normal, personally I officially class the first day of ‘inverno’ as the day I finally turn on the riscaldamento (heater) in my house. If you don’t already know, gas & electricity are very pricey in Italy and this is not the country that you would want to leave your heat on 24/7 unless you want to be the gas company’s personal piggy bank. So…

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Chocolate cheesecake recipe by Jessica

Some people choose the people they live with at random, but when I was looking for someone to share my little peice of heaven in the oltrarno, I asked a very important question – Do you like to cook. Not only did I get a yes, but a ‘I love to bake’ which is a skill that I myself, have yet to master. Needless to say you can guess who won the roomie spot! As a tribute to her, I want…

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