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Ditta Artigianale Oltrarno – A New Side To Italian Coffee Culture

I never thought I would see the day when a known coffee expert in Italy has defended the entity that is Starbucks. Especially after an onslaught of negative news all over the internet regarding the coffee giant set to open its first Italy branch in Milan in 2017. But this is another reason I like Francesco Sanapo, award-winning barista and creator of ‘Ditta Artiginale’. On news about Starbucks, Francesco said in defense of the move  “I think that it’ s a…

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February Events in Florence, Italy

piazza santa croce florence italy

Arrivederci January, benvenuto Febbraio! It’s been almost a month since we’ve been back in Florence and everything feels pretty much back to normal which means time to make my February events list. Work has recommenced with gusto and we have a very happy beagle on our hands. I have really thrown myself into studying more social media strategy for the coming year, it seems to change faster than the weather but I am enjoying trying new platforms like snapchat and steller…

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December Events In Florence, Italy

Wow, what a month.  After over a week of wedding madness, this girl is officially a Mrs. (yay!) and breathe a little easier. All is done, family and friends had an incredible (I hope) time and we actually managed to enjoy the day without it passing by with a blink of the eye. I might sound like a broken record with all of the wedding talk, but honestly I don’t give a damn because I’m over the moon still and…

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A Guide To Vogue’s Fashion Night Out In Florence

Yep, the fashionistas are back in Florence. The curiously named Vogue’s Fashion Night Out is now apparently in its third edition, a sort of ‘white night’ for the trendier set, with stores set to open until 11pm in the city’s historical center. Think cocktails, plenty of people milling about and the apparent opportunity to meet designers and buy gadgets. The concept of Fashion’s Night Out was created in 2009 to restore consumer confidence and to boost the industry’s economy. The fun…

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Illegal to Date a Street Artist? Apparently So in Japan

I wasn’t planning to write a post like this, mainly because you would hope to not be compelled to but since I have a high esteem for the work of street artist Clet Abraham, his wonderful partner, and the people he works with that have become friends. I had to share this ongoing story that we still don’t know the ending to. Clet’s work using peelable stickers to modify urban street signs are pretty famous in Florence and around the world,…

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Lunch at the Hotel Savoy

Every once in awhile a girl has to treat herself to a sweet treat. Sounds like a dubious comment made by Samantha from Sex in the City but nope instead I am referring to the delicious and decadant ‘party in your mouth’ that was a recent dessert I tried at the Hotel Savoy in Florence, Italy. A five-star hotel that has made it’s name as one of the top places to stay in the city, with an outdoor restaurant that…

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