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Three Places To Experience Food and Fashion in Florence

In a city as dynamic as Florence, it’s hardly surprising that well-known brands have figured out that food and fashion sells. Of course the old adage was more “sex sells” (still does) but food might just be a dash more popular (and less emotionally draining… well maybe) as I’m starting to see reflected in the city today. The irony of writing this isn’t lost on me. I am the least fashion-forward person I know and as I type this from…

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Enjoying the Best of April in Florence. My Personal Suggestions

Despite allergies taking a toll on my health since we’ve been back from Mexico, I have been more excited than ever about what’s to come in Florence. April is set to be a busy month for those in love with the arts, film festival enthusiasts and those seeking about a pleasant Spring atmosphere (one can only hope) with only the occasional rain shower, which of course won’t damper our spirits. Since I’ve been back, I have been overwhelmed with all of…

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What To Expect in Florence This Winter 2016

15th century Italian poet Pietro Aretino once said “Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.”   This may seem rich coming from a guy who apparently invented pornagraphy in the literary sense and who some of said died of suffocation/asphyxiation from laughing too much. But he had a point with that quote even if his incorrigible lifestyle certainly raised some eyebrows and caused him to be kicked out of his hometown of Arezzo and then Rome.  A lot…

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What’s On This April In Florence, Italy

April, how did you get here already? I’ve been having a ball this morning checking out all of the hilarious April fools jokes from all around the world via this ‘live’ article from The Guardian. Including but not all is “Beefeater, the restaurant where you take your grandma on Boxing Day, launches the ‘Beefeater Steak Tan’ – the world’s first fake tan made using real steak juices. ” or why Italy is actually the worst country to visit (oh Buzzfeed)…

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Ditta Artigianale Oltrarno – A New Side To Italian Coffee Culture

I never thought I would see the day when a known coffee expert in Italy has defended the entity that is Starbucks. Especially after an onslaught of negative news all over the internet regarding the coffee giant set to open its first Italy branch in Milan in 2017. But this is another reason I like Francesco Sanapo, award-winning barista and creator of ‘Ditta Artiginale’. On news about Starbucks, Francesco said in defense of the move  “I think that it’ s a…

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February Events in Florence, Italy

piazza santa croce florence italy

Arrivederci January, benvenuto Febbraio! It’s been almost a month since we’ve been back in Florence and everything feels pretty much back to normal which means time to make my February events list. Work has recommenced with gusto and we have a very happy beagle on our hands. I have really thrown myself into studying more social media strategy for the coming year, it seems to change faster than the weather but I am enjoying trying new platforms like snapchat and steller…

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