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Saint Lucia: The Girl Who Shines the Brightest

While first doing my research for our trip to Finland, I had no idea that we were going the weekend of St. Lucia. Every country celebrates their own holidays and this special day is a ‘festival of lights’ in Northern Europe typically celebrated in Sweden, Norway and Finland on December 13th. Always up for any sort of sort of celebration, I was excited to find out that we would be celebrating this parade with the rest of Helsinki in the…

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8 Great Holiday Gifts for Globetrotters

While some people get their holiday shopping done well in advance, I have an aunt in Texas who had half of her’s done in March, some of us wait until the last-minute to get gifts (woops)! Perhaps out of stress, or procrastination – it can be hard to find unique items that would ‘wow’ friends and family. Everything is as easy as an Amazon ‘1 click’ buy button. Between 2014, I have traveled a lot, thanks to work and a…

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December Events in Florence, Italy

It’s finally December and although you may not feel the ‘chill’ outside, I’m sure you are going ga-ga over the Christmas lights. As always this a month full of fun things to do, visit, experience in the best city on earth, Florence Italy. Yes they paid me to say that (kidding). To me, it is always a bit of a magical time of year not really because of Christmas, but more because the city feels full of locals doing their…

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Why I Had a Finnish Christmas Party in Florence

I get it, a Finnish Christmas party even before Thanksgiving? I’d think it was strange too if it wasn’t me but alas that is exactly what happened in my little apartment in Florence last week with a group of close friends. Before you start thinking I’m one of those weird people who starts shopping in October and blasting Christmas music to the point of inciting the hatred of my patient neighbors, keep in mind that I normally don’t even get…

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November Events in Florence, Italy

If you plan on coming to Florence in November, you are in good company. The streets are slowly starting to empty of the crazy tourism from March on-wards and the weather has cooled down tremendously. I love this time of year because it represents so many good things. New wine, food festivals and truffle fever, new olive oil (even if this year has been tough on the groves), and an excuse to snuggle up at home with the smell of…

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