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Where the Locals go – my excerpt in National Geographic

Practically before I could read, I used to flip pages of books and magazines forever curious about the stories that lied beneath. Anyone who knows me well, remembers me constantly with a book by my side, whether it be a friend’s house, the supermarket, at school – probably I annoyed many people by the amount of time I spent reading and ignoring them. This probably didn’t help my less than great eyesight but it did however, open my mind to…

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My 2012 Fall/Winter reading list

reading list winter 2012

First off – Auguri e Buon Anno Nuovo – Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope you all had a great night and look forward to what 2013 brings :D. It’s no secret that I absolutely love to read, since I was old enough to hold a book in my hands I was trying to read it. Books cover my house both here in Italy and back in America. Probably I have annoyed many many people throughout the years by choosing to…

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My 2012 Summer reading list

In honor of summer reading, I decided to post some books that I have devoured so far this year. I also bookmarked a list of what I would like to read in the future here if you want to take a gander. I would love to hear your top picks this summer. I pretty much like any genre as long as it’s well written and interesting – heck I once read “Battlefield Earth” in its entirety because I wanted to understand…

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Caffe, food, and books. List of “nerd-havens” in Florence

Sundays can always be a little tricky in Italy, even for someone who has lived in the city “as long” as I have ( 5 years ) or someone who grew up her, we never seem to know/remember what is actually open. Not looking to spend 5 euros to sit down and sip a caffe in the center’s gorgeous (but overpriced) piazza’s, we decided to head over to Caffeteria Oblate which is a caffe located on the 2nd floor of…

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A torrid love affair with an inanimate object

sounds so much more exciting in the title.. But what I am referring to is books.. Or rather my love affair with them.. the other night I picked up one of the many books I read at the same time ( is it weird to read many at one time?) and read myself to sleep, normally I get sleep after a short time if in bed but this book was so good I actually went to bed about an hour or…

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