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39 Photos To Inspire A Visit To Arezzo’s Antique Fair

arezzo antique fair: photo by Georgette Jupe

Even if you hate antiques, it’s impossible to dislike the monthly antique fair in Arezzo. Long ago, when I was climbing through wooden skeletons of houses on the outskirts of San Antonio. Playing hide and seek in pretty dangerous places went par for the course. During the days when ‘go play outside’ was obligatory in a young person’s childhood, I use to scoff at anyone who used old stuff to decorate their homes. In Texas, the shabby chic theme we…

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March Events in Florence, Italy

march events in Florence, Italy via @girlinflorence

Wait, what? It’s March already? I can’t really believe it either, possibly because I am currently in Rome, coming back later this evening to accept the reality that I have to pay rent and start a new month when February slipped by like a edgy teenager. One consolation prize is that we are itching ever nearer to spring, I hesitate to write that because I’ve become more suspicious like Italians and perhaps just by typing ‘spring’ I have let the…

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Getting ‘Lost’ in Florence

Florence, Italy off the beaten path | Girl in Florence

Enjoying this October hasn’t been difficult, with a ton of exciting events that make Florence ever more exciting, I constantly find myself having to choose. Not a bad problem to have, yet like everyone else, I still have a job to do at the end of the day. Weekends are sacred and while I tend to overextend myself, I am lucky to have a boyfriend that often says, ‘wait there hold on a second, why can’t we just sleep in?’…

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Where the Locals go – my excerpt in National Geographic

Practically before I could read, I used to flip pages of books and magazines forever curious about the stories that lied beneath. Anyone who knows me well, remembers me constantly with a book by my side, whether it be a friend’s house, the supermarket, at school – probably I annoyed many people by the amount of time I spent reading and ignoring them. This probably didn’t help my less than great eyesight but it did however, open my mind to…

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My 2012 Fall/Winter reading list

reading list winter 2012

First off – Auguri e Buon Anno Nuovo – Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope you all had a great night and look forward to what 2013 brings :D. It’s no secret that I absolutely love to read, since I was old enough to hold a book in my hands I was trying to read it. Books cover my house both here in Italy and back in America. Probably I have annoyed many many people throughout the years by choosing to…

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