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How (Not) To Learn Another Language As An Adult

A while back I was reading somewhere online (ok Forbes) that Less than 20 percent of American adults speak a language other than English. It piqued my interest because as a second language speaker in Italy I thought what about Europe? In The Guardian apparently just over half of Europeans (54%) are able to hold a conversation in at least one additional language, which is pretty impressive considering so many university and high school classes in Italy focalize on a more  theory-based curriculum. It got…

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Gourmet Tuscany: Restaurants that Embrace a Farm-To-Table Philosophy

Eating local never used to be a “thing.” It was just something people did because they had to eat, before choice was even an option. Eat what you grow, grow what works in your region and voila, regional cuisines are born.   Of course, as i’ve mentioned before in previous posts, I grew up on processed foods. Case in point, I’m pretty sure my favorite dessert was a bag of sour patch kids washed down with diet dr. pepper which…

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5 Strange Wedding Traditions Around The World

Wedding can be some pretty strange affairs. In fact, some might argue that entire concept of getting hitched legally to someone when there is a 50% possibility of it not working out is pretty inane in itself, but we love it! While we’re all used to the standard ‘here comes the bride’ moments, I also have other more awkward memories as a child going to weddings where the groom takes his newlywed’s garter off her thigh using just his teeth…

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3 Favorite Spring Destinations Outside Of Florence

As always, the best inspiration I get for posts is from you guys, my faithful readers. You send me emails or facebook messages, which I always read, even if I can be a little late getting back to you on certain questions. Lately, it’s been all about Easter and ideas for day trips in Tuscany. Sadly, but not surprisingly, I never hear about any Easter events earlier than perhaps a week or two before but I will add them here.…

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What to Expect When You Visit Florence in Winter

It almost doesn’t feel cold enough to write about winter in a blog post since this November in Florence has been a sort of freakishly warm. And despite this weekend’s horrific tragedy in Paris and Beirut (and I thank many of you blog supporters who asked about Nico’s family – they are all safe thank you), I really hope that people aren’t scared to travel to Europe. The colder months are actually a fantastic period to visit Italy, while you…

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FAQ On Working And Salaries in Italy That I Get On The Blog

No-one comes to Italy to make money, you come here because you like the lifestyle. And without sounding like a ‘I drank the juice cliche’ life in Italy is extremely appealing on so many levels — I am not benign to the benefits of living in a European country that typically has decent weather and where the average citizen actually knows which fruit and vegetables are in season (truth). We probably don’t help the situation by posting pretty pictures on…

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