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Town of Sansepolcro and the historical Palio della Balestra

This coming weekend I am joining a group of Italian bloggers and special guests {Ernesto de Matteis, Gian Luca Sgaggero, Milena Marchioni, Ramona Pizzano, Valentina Dainelli, Valentina Piccini }  for a trip back into time to visit the ancient town of Sansepolcro in the province of Arezzo. Legend is that saints Arcano and Egidio returned from the Holy Land and stopped in this valley and, thanks to a divine sign, they decided to stay and build a small chapel there to host the…

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39 Photos To Inspire A Visit To Arezzo’s Antique Fair

arezzo antique fair: photo by Georgette Jupe

Even if you hate antiques, it’s impossible to dislike the monthly antique fair in Arezzo. Long ago, when I was climbing through wooden skeletons of houses on the outskirts of San Antonio. Playing hide and seek in pretty dangerous places went par for the course. During the days when ‘go play outside’ was obligatory in a young person’s childhood, I use to scoff at anyone who used old stuff to decorate their homes. In Texas, the shabby chic theme we…

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Cycling in Valtiberina, undiscovered paradise

While visiting Anghiari during my recent trip to the beautiful area of Valtiberina, part of our itinerary was a bike tour along the tobacco fields. I was super excited to get the chance to ride in this very green area of Tuscany after such a nice morning discovering one of the most beautiful borghi in Italy. Our bike tour leaders are actually part of the annual Intrepida cycling race every October (this year the 19th and the 20th) where cyclists…

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Angles of Anghiari

I’m slightly ticked at myself for taking so long to write about my adventures in beautiful Anghiari, in the province of Arezzo. I was there during my whirlwind in Sansepolcro for the Palio della Balestra earlier this month. This small town is best known for the date of June 29, 1440 when Filippo Maria Visconti {Duke of Milan}, gave up all of his expansionist claims to the Italian Peninsula when he was defeated in a bloody battle by Florentine, Venetian and Papal…

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The people of Sansepolcro, Italy

You would think that after living in Italy for six + years that nothing would surprise me anymore. After all, Italy is the land of beautiful landscapes and interesting personalities no matter where you are in the country. And did I mention the food? Well luckily, I am constantly wowed on a daily basis which is enough to keep me living in this country despite a continuous struggle against low wages and increasingly high living expenses. I first mentioned Sansepolcro…

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Girl In Florence was started in late January 2012 as a pet project started by me, Georgette Jupe. A labor of love after being constantly frustrated trying to find updated information that interested me about my own city of Florence, Italy translated from Italian to English. Now Girl in Florence has become more than just life in Florence. I write about a variety of subjects including culture clashes, an ever evolving and popular food list, and offer insider travel tips all over the…

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